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State Approvals Received for Memorial Hospital’s MaineHealth Membership

MaineHealth Membership took effect on January 1, 2014

Memorial Hospital received approval from New Hampshire state regulators to become a member of MaineHealth, the Portland, Maine-based health care system. MaineHealth is a not-for-profit family of leading high-quality providers and other healthcare organizations working together to make their communities the healthiest in America. Ranked among the nation's top 100 integrated delivery networks, MaineHealth will now have 12 member organizations in Maine and New Hampshire’s Mount Washington Valley, including its flagship, Maine Medical Center in Portland, Maine.

This approval allows Memorial to proceed with the membership agreement which its Board of Trustees approved in March 2013. Once licensure is transferred, the membership will be effective January 1, 2014.

"This arrangement gives us the strong partner we need to ensure a healthy future for our hospital," said Memorial CEO Scott McKinnon. "MaineHealth is a good fit for Memorial and the Mount Washington Valley community. Now that state regulatory approvals have been received we can go forward with the licensure transfers necessary to become a member of the MaineHealth system and realize its many benefits, from assistance with the development of community health programs to enhancement of quality initiatives to cost efficiencies throughout the organization.”

McKinnon’s support was echoed by Gene Bergoffen, Chair of Memorial’s Board of Trustees. “MaineHealth was judged to be the best fit for us and our community because it will allow us to improve health care in the Valley while retaining local control and oversight of the hospital and its resources. We look forward to utilizing the resources and benefits now available to us thanks to joining this strong and deep system.”

The North Conway hospital will retain its status as a New Hampshire nonprofit organization. MaineHealth will have input on Memorial's budgeting, services, and CEO selection, with its charitable assets controlled by the Memorial trustees. Those assets include buildings, equipment and charitable endowments.

McKinnon, along with Memorial's senior leadership team, will continue to manage day-to-day operations and business affairs at the hospital under local board of trustee governance. As part of the agreement, MaineHealth will  invest $1.5 million in the Mount Washington Valley community over two years  in order to implement a new ambulatory electronic medical record system.

“Today’s announcement of the final state approvals is great news for the MaineHealth family, Memorial Hospital and its patients,” said MaineHealth President Bill Caron.  “We already have a strong relationship through Maine Medical Center, but now, as a member of the MaineHealth system, Memorial and the communities of the Mount Washington Valley will benefit from our many programs designed to share best clinical practices among our members and to improve the health of our communities.”