Mammography at Memorial Hospital

3D Mammography is now available at Memorial!  Read more about it here.

Your healthcare provider will notify the hospital that you need a Mammogram and you will receive a phone call from our Imaging Scheduling Department to schedule your exam.

The contact number for Imaging Scheduling Department is (603) 356-4905.

If your last mammogram was NOT done at Memorial Hospital, please arrange to have prior images mailed to us a minimum of 2 days prior to your scheduled exam for comparison. A CD of the images is preferred. It is very important that we have prior images; this allows our radiologist to make the best possible diagnosis.

Our mailing address is:

Important steps to prepare you on the day of your exam:

1.) Please do not use any deodorant, lotion, powder or perfume on your breast or underarms. The use of personal hygiene products can interfere with your exam.

2.) Please remove any piercings from the breast area; metallic rings can obscure visualization of the underlying breast.

When you arrive for your appointment:

1.) Please report directly to the Imaging Department; any of our hospital staff would be happy to guide you in our direction.

2.) If your exam will be covered by any program other than insurance please provide coupon or information upon check -in at the Front Desk in Imaging.

After your appointment: occasionally you may be called back for additional views and/or ultrasound. A call back does not necessarily mean we found cancer only that the radiologist has requested them in order to view a certain area better.