Hip and Knee Replacements

When it's time to have a joint replaced, you want a specialist with experience.  Orthopedics at Memorial Hospital is the Valley's most comprehensive and experienced team.  Whether you require an anteriorl hip replacement or total knee replacement our team is prepared to get you moving again.  Supported by a state-of-the-art radiology department with digital imaging technology, brand new surgical center and exceptional inpatient rehab services, we will guide you through your procedure with caring personal attention. 

Joint Replacement Team

Whether it’s a knee or a hip, having successful total joint replacement surgery involves a variety of medical specialists and professional agencies. From the orthopedic surgeon who performs the procedure to the rehab therapists that provide after-care in a facility or at home, the best outcomes happen when clinicians work together to provide a coordinated plan of care.

Memorial offers a Total Joint Replacement (TJR) program built around that model of care has been developed by representatives from Memorial Hospital, its Orthopedics practice, Visiting Nurse Home Care & Hospice, Mineral Springs Rehabilitation Center, and Mountain Center Physical Therapy. Current best practices in orthopedic care show that patients who receive education and supportive pre- and post-operative services return more quickly to their full mobility potential with fewer complications.

Memorial has new operating room suites with state-of-the-art technology, and procedures are typically scheduled within six weeks.

For those considering TJR surgery, the hospital’s Rehab Department offers a free pre-operative teaching class. Once the decision is made, patients can choose to have pre-operative services in their home with the Visiting Nurses, and tour the short term rehab facility at Mineral Springs.

The average length of stay in the hospital for traditional hip or knee replacements is 3-4 days, with the option of extended skilled time as needed. However, more than 85% of all patients who undergo TJR are discharged directly to home following their procedure.

The goal is all about providing better and more coordinated care for the community.

Anyone considering joint replacement surgery is encouraged to learn more about the collaborative services available from these local providers. For more information, contact Sandy Ruka at Visiting Nurse Home Care and Hospice, 1-800-499-4171 or (603) 356-7006.