Walk-In Care at Memorial Hospital


Charisse N. Hirschfeld, MS, APRN, CIC >
Marie Szczesny, RN, MSN, CEN, FNP-C >
Mary Vigeant, APRN, MSN >

Our Walk In Care Center is open 365 days a year. The Walk-In is located in a renovated setting accessible through the Emergency entrance at the rear of the main building.

With the need for easily accessible and affordable care for minor problems, Memorial Hospital provides Walk In Care that offers consumers benefit from the expansion of hours, especially on the weekends. Memorial Hospital’s Walk-In offers high quality care for low acuity health issues with the advantage of adjacent hospital, laboratory, imaging and emergency services when more critical services are required. Any situation requiring advanced imaging (MRI, CT Scan, Ultrasound or other tests) will require Emergency Services and the patient may be referred to that department. Advanced imaging services are not available through the Walk In Care Center. 

The Walk In Care Center is intended for non-emergency situations that usually are treated in a short period of time. Anything requiring a more extensive work up may require a transfer to the Emergency Department. Patients should be aware of their own insurance coverage, co-pays and co-insurance required and are encouraged to contact their insurance carrier to confirm their out of pocket amount.

Services at the Walk-In are for patients one year and older. These services include, but are not limited to, medical care for:

Allergic reactions Gout Sprains
Asthma Hemorrhoids Sore throat
Back care Hives Sunburn
Bronchitis Injured limbs Toothache
Burn care Insect bites Urinary tract infections
Conjunctivitis Neck strains Viral illness
Ear infections Rash Wounds, including sutures
  Shingles  Upper respiratory illness

Patients should choose the Emergency Department or call 9-1-1 if they feel their health concern is emergent. Some examples of emergencies are chest pain, open fracture (bone showing), head injury, motor vehicle collision.

Special Note Regarding Insurance Coverage for Walk In Care Visits - Your insurance may require a referral from your primary care physician in order to use Walk In Care services. Please arrange for a referral in order to ensure proper coverage. Patients seen without proper referral will be billed directly.